Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Time for a bit of a change

Spring 2006 Maruca O Jackie by mom2rays
Spring 2006 Maruca O Jackie, a photo by mom2rays on Flickr.

I've been carrying and loving Tom BIhn Little Swift's in Hemp and Cork as my purse like object for a year and a half, and I haven't fallen out of love. I did yearn for a bit of a change. I wanted something fun, cute, and feminine. TB didn't have anything in their lineup that matched my criteria so I went on a search with relatively high standards and specific requirements.

I found Maruca Design a small company based in Boulder CO. All bag components from the zippers to the fabrics are made in the USA. The fabrics are even custom milled for MD twice a year in the USA. The bags are produced by hand until the fabric is gone and the following run is with different fabrics corresponding to either the spring/summer or fall/winter release. Yet they have enough features and design elements to feel couture vs. craft fair.

I found this one on eBay. It's from the spring 2006 catalog and was used. The fabrics are Ping and Bloomer's Purple. The pattern is O'Jackie which currently is redesigned.

About the only things I don't like about this bag are the black lining, absence of closures on the external pockets and the fact that it's not machine washable.

The rest of the things that I have feelings on are positive. Overall size and configuration makes both stuffing with daily needs and finding them easy. The straps are comfortable and appropriate length and width. The fabric, zipper, lining and finishing are done well and while not industrial, will last. The colors are pleasant and fun.

I will definitely keep an eye on Maruca Design for future releases of prints and patterns. Eventually I think a true minimalist bag is on my horizon.

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Jennifer said...

pretty colors. i like the design too :)